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It’s possible!
 You can do this...
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It’s possible! You can do this... & I can help!


Experience true

A great lady once told me,
        “I want you to know what I know.
    What you DO with that information
               is up to YOU.” 

I understand how difficult it is to be sick and not heard. But I’m telling you, it doesn’t have to be that way! I want you to know that I did not cure myself — I still have the same diagnosis as before. The only difference is I now know how to manage it and it no longer manages me.

I am traveling the world doing what I love most — serving others. I am 100% sure I can help you through this if you’ll just take the first step with me! 

Let's Talk

One of my favorite things about Jana is that she really cares, coming from being desperately ill, has really given her a passion to reach out to others who might feel as though they are being overlooked and are feeling scared and confused.

As a doctor of natural medicine I am always looking for healthy alternatives for not only my clients but myself as well. I have had such a profound interaction with Jana that I often recommend clients to her support group. They LOVE HER!

—Dr. Dixie Short

“she really cares”

Jana introduced me to Essential Oils and showed me an option I had never considered, the natural way to get to what she calls, “Chronic Wellness.” Her patience, understanding, genuine concern, incredible talent for research, and guidance have become gifts I treasure. Because of Jana, I now teach and help others use Essential Oils too. She has been an amazing mentor, a great friend, and I am blessed to call her Mom. Please don’t miss any opportunity you get to meet her, your world will become a much better place.

—Scott Gates

“The natural way to wellness” 

It has been an absolute blessing to work with Jana Short. I started working with essential oils in order to support detoxification from birth control as well as toxic chemicals in my home. Jana is so knowledgeable, really knows her stuff and has helped me a lot discover new oils and new ways to use oils I already love. She has helped me grow my business tremendously in so many way. She is always available to answer questions. We really make a great team, despite living in different countries and time zones!

—Lunden Souza

“an absolute blessing” 

Personal empowerment is about looking at who we are and becoming more aware of our unique individual needs. I want to help you develop confidence and strength in yourself. Help you set realistic health goals and fulfil your potential. I want show you how to make your voice heard and validated. I want to put you in touch with others who are not only on the same health rollercoaster as you are, but who are now passionate about helping others through the process. You are not alone! And I hear you.

I want to help give you back the power to control your personal healthcare destiny. 

Live Empowered

experience now!

And I haven’t even touched on their sourcing practices! Their Co-Impact Sourcing is working to improve lives and communities throughout the world. I can get behind a company that shares their many blessings and builds such an amazing co-op with the communities that have trusted them with their precious crops.

Honestly, I started this quest for health because I was left with literally no other option and failure was a death sentence.
I was introduced to essential oils and my life started to dramatically change. I had no idea about the quality of essential oils or that 100% pure on the label rarely meant the oil was 100% pure. After 7 years of educating myself on essential oils — from where they are harvested to how they’re distilled and tested — I have wholeheartedly chosen into dōTERRA. They use third party CPTG testing, and they make the results of each bottle available to the consumer through their website source.

why oils? Why doterra?

in a

hope      bottle

Yes Please

When I speak and share my before and after photo I am bombarded with questions on what did I do? Most the steps are so easy, they cost nothing and all most all of you have always had access to them. It’s just an overwhelming process, than add in the fact that most of you have searched me out because something is not going right with your health, it can just be too much. Everything starts with the first step, honestly the rest is easy. The difference between me and other coaches is I not only consider myself an expert in essential oils and holistic wellness, but I have been sick, confused and scared. I was you and not that long ago. That has given me a passion and drive to share what I know and change lives.

How does your
health measure up?




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