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More than 3 states from home, with daughters and grandchildren in tow, I found myself in a dōTERRA class. I was skeptical at first but willing and open to try anything.

 I still have my original health issues, dōTERRA didn’t cure me. What it has done is give me back an amazing quality of life, full of energy and joy. I no longer have to be fed through a tube and feel better than I have in many years!

I wasn’t searching for a solution; I had accepted my fate. On my quest to make some awesome memories with my grandchildren, I took off on an adventure.

Five years ago, I was dealing with some digestive issues that required me to be fed through a tube. This meant I had to carry a backpack that provided me with nutrients for 18 hours every day. Unfortunately, the nutrients were not working well with my organs and it was obvious to all that I wouldn’t be able to continue on much longer.

I've Been There.

As a seasoned coach and public speaker, my ability to effectively communicate and process information are crucial in giving my clients an opportunity to communicate, evaluate their lives, and understand the importance of healthy living. More importantly, my vast expertise in essential oils allows me to provide viable and permanent solutions to common health issues.

My goal is to become a reliable bridge to better living by providing support, care, hope and opportunities for new beginnings. My desire is to see a better world that is filled with people who are not only happy, but also healthy and ready to explore incredible lifestyles.

The mission is to provide wholesome and personalized services in health and fitness to clients who seek holistic change

start living for it today!

If you’ve found something worth dying for,

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Through my amazing dōTERRA experiences I found myself on a new career path. I never dreamed I would leave my interior design business to educate on holistic wellness.
Now, instead of creating beauty in peoples’ homes, I am able to offer the beautiful gift of hope. I love dōTERRA Essential Oils because they changed my life for the better and can change the lives of those I am fortunate enough to share them with.

We can do this together!



Just like you, I once was sick and given no hope of recovering. I did recover, and I came back stronger than ever before. It was hard to trust the person reaching out to help me, but I am so grateful that I did. I am grateful for my illness — had it not been for that dark journey I would never be where I am today. I have a fire that drives me. I have a passion to help those who are frightened and frustrated. Because of you and your stories, I have the courage to continue on in this journey with you.

If I Can, You Can.


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